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Wow, only a country like the U.S. (or Israel) could produce an asshole of this magnitude. Amazingly, I haven’t found any evidence that Dr. Phil is a Jew. Let’s pray that his family gets genocided nevertheless.

Florida Republican Michelle Salzman says all Palestinians should be killed, a sentiment most members of Dr. Phil’s fan club would probably applaud.

Michelle Salzman is being stalked by reporters and has reportedly received death threats, but do you think the vile bitch will lose her job?

To be perfectly honest, I think George Galloway is a tool for the Jews. Hopefully, I’m wrong, because some of the things he says are spot on.

Vladimir Putin wasn’t joking when he said Germany is still occupied. It’s just another subsidiary of Israel. Instead of trying to deport the Jews to countries that wanted nothing to do with them, Hitler should have just exterminated them. That would have made the Jews’ Holohoax narrative at least partly true.

(@ 4:38 Former White House press corps bombshell Helen Thomas tells a media whore, “I’m not antisemitic; I’m a Semite!”)