Antisemitism, denialism, Zionism. How many Americans know what they mean?

Fascism and genocide are more familiar terms. The media tell us the Chinese government is committing genocide in Xinjiang, but the G-word is never associated with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which killed far more people. So what does genocide mean again? And what on Earth is a “double genocide”?

I’ve been called an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier, even though I have nothing against Arabs (who are Semites) and I grieve over the American Holocaust. Of course, the Jews don’t like the term “American Holocaust,” because they think what European colonists did to Native Americans was kind of cool. And they don’t think there was anything genocidal about it, though Jewish media whores never stop accusing China of practicing genocide.

Are you confused?

That’s the whole idea. The Jews are spectacular liars and manipulators. They scramble people’s brains so that they can more easily screw them. Then they avoid accountability by unleashing a torrent of bullshit.

There’s no better example than both world wars. Everyone knows the Germans started World War I and World War II both, right?

In fact, there are millions of people (mostly outside the U.S.) who believe the Jews started both world wars. They probably benefited from both wars more than any other group of people.

Of course, some Jews didn’t survive Adolf Hitler’s efforts to hold them accountable for screwing Germany, but those who did survive had their own religious state and a lifetime supply of Holocaust welfare checks. How many other victims of World War II were half as lucky?

If you think your brain hasn’t been impaired by the Jews’ propaganda and mind control, you’re almost certainly wrong. But don’t despair—JewSpeak will help you get your head screwed on straight.

The bad news: JewSpeak probably won’t be published until 2023. However, there is a chance it might be published towards the end of 2022, so check back now and then.

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